You can easily decorate your Opus Haven with these simple bookshelf decor ideas

The bookshelves are the underdogs in the world of decor. Amazingly, something so functional can be both beautiful and useful.

There are many ways to decorate a bookshelf. I have chosen the nine best.

It’s no longer just about stacking vertically or horizontally. You can also add art, trendy wallpapers, or paint.

If you need to, you can buy some basic items at a flea market or shop around your home.

These are easy and creative ideas for decorating your bookshelf that you will want to share.

How to style bookshelves in a foolproof way

Step 1. Empty the shelves.

Step 3: Arrange your books, knickknacks, and art. (I do this on the floor).

Step 3 Switch. Switch. Switch.

Step 5: Repeat the process until you find something you like.

There is no magic formula for styling shelves. You can try it a dozen times and end up with something artistic. It is important to have a wide range of decor items to choose from.

Some of my most inspiring ideas came not from perfectly symmetrical designs or meticulously planned layouts but from a combination. Don’t be skeptical if it doesn’t work the first time. Try everything.

Give it an Artover

This idea calls for hanging the artwork on the ridges of the bookshelf rather than placing it inside.

A painting on your bookshelf will not only make it look more elegant but will also give it character and make the whole setting appear less rigid.

If you do not have the time to search through flea markets, garages, attics, and other storage areas, you can also order an oil painting.

It is amazing how much warmth and sophistication a single piece of artwork can add to a space.

Display Your China

The easiest way to style your bookcase is to accept that your prized china cannot always be in the box.

Use the shelves as a way to showcase your collection.

You can distribute your books and china equally, or you can be sparing with your China but balance out your display by using books in coordinating colors.

Verdant Greenery & Bling

You should decorate any space in your home with a little bit of personality.

You can incorporate your personality into the decor by mixing “botanicals with siblings.”

Plants, succulents, shiny metallic pots, and bookends can be paired together.

Add Some Life

Figurines can add character to any decor. It would be best if you didn’t make your bookshelves any less.

Figures don’t have to be animals. You can use human heads or torsos. The figures add a touch of life to the display while also being decorative.

You can have any color or tone of the statue you want as long as they complement your bookcase.

More space for more stuff

The most elegant and functional pieces of bookshelf decor are weave baskets.

They add an exquisite bohemian touch to your bookshelf while hiding your not-meant-for-public-eye things.

Add baskets to bookshelf decor to make it more practical.

You can store all of them at the same height or spread them out across your bookcase.

Accent Wallpapers

This bookcase decorating idea transforms a storage area into a beautiful accent.

It’s great that you can customize it to your liking without affecting the deposit.

You can turn your bookshelf into the focal point of the room by adding a little pizzazz.

When a lot is not enough

You don’t always need more books to decorate your bookshelf.

Proof: A fully stacked bookshelf is so beautiful and complete that it hardly needs anything else.

Add some decorative items to the top of your bookshelf. This will add drama. It won’t be the main focus, but it will finish the look.

Interspersed Ceramics

You don’t have to use plants on ceramics that you display in your bookcase.

You can add plants to some and leave others empty if you wish to give your bookshelf a unique touch.

If you’re a minimalist, you can keep your look uniform by using pots that are the same color or have a similar pattern. But if you’re on the opposing team, you can go wild with pots in different colors and patterns.

Mix and Match

You can do this without it looking cluttered.

Add some unusual paintings to your bookshelf — perhaps your wedding portrait along with figurines, plants, candles, or 3D alphabets and numbers!

Fill the space with ceramics, ceramic bowls, and trinkets collected during your travels.

As you collect items, they will gradually reflect your personality.

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