The Best Home Security Upgrades available

It is not enough to be security-conscious in the face of a crime wave that continues to grow. It is important to take the necessary steps to keep your home a haven for you and your family. This article will present some of the best upgrades for home safety systems to make your home more secure. You will benefit from reading the article to the end.

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Consider These Home Security Upgrades

  1. Video Doorbell
  2. Facial recognition camera
  3. Safe and foolproof
  4. Remote monitoring
  5. Biometric digital door lock
  6. Smart alarm system
  7. Motion sensor lights
  8. Safe Room Doors and Door Frames
  9. Laser security system
  10. Panic room
  11. Shatterproof Windows

Home Improvements to Make Your Home More Secure

Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are one of the most effective ways to protect your home against burglars. About 34% of burglaries and break-ins occur through the front door, and a video doorbell can help deter burglars.

Infrared cameras are included in video doorbells to help capture the faces of intruders, even when it’s dark. Most video doorbells can be controlled remotely to notify you when someone tries to enter your home.

Facial Recognition camera

Most burglars investigate your home before they decide to break in. They move into a new area and spy on every house to determine which is the prime target. They then closely examine the house to determine its risk-to-reward ratio. A facial recognition camera is a great tool to use in burglary investigations. It can capture faces and identify them, allowing you to access the images remotely.

Foolproof Safe

Foolproof safes will keep your valuables safe from thieves. They are difficult to break into and hide your valuables from view, which discourages burglars from doing so. Today, foolproof safes are connected to home alarm systems and shut off when the alarm is triggered.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a must-have for any security system. Remote monitoring allows you to monitor the security of your home in real time from your smartphone and ensure that your property is safe. Remote monitoring is a great upgrade for those who plan to protect their home while on vacation.

Biometric digital door lock

Biometric authentication is a great way to secure your home. Your biometric measurements make you unique. Only you and those you authorize to access your security system can use a digital biometric door lock.

Smart Alarm System

Smart alarm systems connect all components to your WiFi network. These systems are more affordable, easier to control, and can be managed remotely.

Motion Sensor Lighting

They turn on automatically when they detect motion. These lights have sensors that detect heat and turn on automatically when an intruder is detected. This will scare off loiterers and discourage criminals.

Safe Room Doors And Door Frames

They are safer than normal doors. They are equipped with reinforced frames, locks, and hinges. They are also programmed to turn off immediately if an alarm goes off. You can also remotely control them to shut down your entire house or block off certain areas.

Laser Security System

Lasers are used to create a sensor circuit alarm system to protect your house. Mirrors direct laser beams toward a detector in laser security systems. If the beams are disrupted on their journey to the sensor, they will set off an alarm.

A laser security system may respond by making a loud buzzing sound, calling the emergency services, alerting the home owner, or activating security hardware like lights or doors.

Panic Room

They are designed to provide shelter in the event of an emergency, such as a break-in or home invasion. These rooms are equipped with advanced safety features, such as bulletproof windows and doors, security cameras, alarm systems, landline phones, etc.

Shatterproof Windows

Bulletproof windows do not easily break. This is an important security upgrade, as, in 20% of burglaries, burglars gain entry to the target house through broken windows. Many of these devices are sophisticated, so it’s important to do some research before you try to install them. Even better, hire a professional to install the hardware.


As manufacturers try to keep up with changing threats, they are constantly upgrading their security components. As a homeowner, it is important for you to be aware of the threats that are out there.

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