The Best Floor Tiles for Your Modern Home

Remodeling your home is something you may be considering. You may have also budgeted for floor tiles. Floor tiles can be used to enhance the decor of your modern house, no matter what the design or budget. With the many tiles available in Australia, you can easily give your home a unique and stylish look.

We have gathered a variety of floor tile designs for your home, from bathroom tiles with graphic patterns to kitchens with visually appealing marble checkboard patterns.

Graphic & Art tile patterns:

Are you looking to create a contrast between different rooms in your house? Graphic tile patterns are the way to go.

In certain areas of your home, like the sunroom and kitchen floor, you can choose geometric patterns. These tiles are very popular with homeowners because they can transform a modern house by creating a feature wall.

Choose from a variety of colors, such as monochromatic, neutral palettes, or subtle blues. It’s now time to showcase your personal style by choosing one of these graphic tile patterns.

Textured tiles:

You’re done with flat, smooth tiles or glazed ones? You can get floor tiles that have a rough texture.

It is interesting to note that the popularity of these tiles grew over time. The continued evolution of textured tiles and their ability to keep up with modern trends could be the reason homeowners choose them.

They are known for their ability to enhance the appearance and feel of a home. You can also use them to highlight smaller spaces, particularly by using wavy designs. If you want to add contrasts to your interior design, then textured tiles will be worth the money.

Large format tiles:

Tile size is the answer that every interior decorator will give you when asked about the biggest change in ceramics in recent years.

Large format tiles are perfect for creating an airy feel in your room.

You can even use them if you plan to do a visually decorative design. Large format tiles can be used to transform your home in a seamless manner. Each format offers endless possibilities for aesthetics.

Matte Finish Tiles:

Are you considering redecorating the bathroom with new tiles? It would be best if you chose matte-finish tiles as they look great and are both sleek and elegant.

Are smudges and watermarks in your bathroom tiles a concern? Matte tiles have a lower sheen than glossy tiles, so stains will not show up as easily. You can also refer to them as low-maintenance, making them perfect for modern bathrooms.

Low sheen has its own set of negative effects. These tiles barely reflect light, so make sure that the space where you intend to install them has plenty of natural or artificial lighting.

Stone and Marble Design Tiles:

You will find references to stone and marble tiles in most publications across Australia.

It is also easy to understand why these tiles are so popular in Australia.

Marble’s natural color and shine give bathrooms a sophisticated and elegant look. Why limit yourself to just bathrooms when you can use marble and stone design tiles on your wooden benches and chrome tapware to enhance the look of your home?

Dimensional tiles:

In 2022, dimensional tiles will be the most popular tiles. What’s more? Also, they are favorites among creative homeowners and designers.

Dimensional tiles add a 3-dimensional appeal to your bathroom.

Dimensional tiles are available in many colors, sizes, and shapes. The most common shapes are hexagons and geometrics. You can use dimensional tiles to add a touch of personalization or to make a space more visually appealing.

Glossy tiles:

Do you love to dramatize everything that happens in your life?

Glossy tiles can add a touch of elegance to any modern bathroom or kitchen. You may not find the tiles overwhelming because they are polished and elegant.

These tiles are perfect for small rooms, as they can make them appear larger than their actual size. They are known for their high maintenance due to their glossy finish.


You can now design your dream home.

We recommend that you first decide on your style before starting your search for the perfect tile to fit your modern home. Also, we recommend that you read more about each tile design. Add a unique style to your home by using these floor tiles.

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