The Best Electrical Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home

Many homeowners find the idea of upgrading their electrical systems overwhelming. And that’s understandable. While the cost of hiring a professional to do the job can be high, upgrades can often pay for themselves in terms of resale and safety.

You’re probably due for some upgrades if your home is older than 20 years. Here are the best electrical upgrades that will increase your home value.

Replace the Electrical Panel

It is a large job to replace the electrical panel, but it is well worth the effort if your panel is old. Panel replacement is one of the Professional Electrician Services┬áthat you should consider if you want to modernize and increase the value of your home. When something goes wrong, this important part of your home’s structure can be a safety hazard.

The following are some of the key signs it’s time to upgrade:

  • Fuse panels are obsolete and considered unsafe by regulators across North America. It’s time to upgrade your circuit breakers if you still have a fuse box in your home.
  • A well-maintained panel should last at least 25 years. This lifespan does not take into account the higher energy consumption in modern homes.
  • If you are renovating your home and adding on, your electricity usage will increase. Make sure your current panel can handle your new construction.
  • If you notice rust, it could be a sign of water damage. Your panel is no longer safe. Find the source of the problem and replace your panel as soon as you can.

It is important to schedule an upgrade, as a damaged or overdrawn electrical panel can cause a fire in your home.


There’s a chance that your older home may not be up to code. The lack of a GFCI outlet in the bathroom is a common issue with outdated electrical. These outlets are designed to turn off and short-circuit if they contact water. This prevents a fire.

Older wiring can also pose a risk. Degraded wires have a higher chance of causing a spark or shock. When you have electrical work done, ask the electrician to check the wiring.

Add More Outlets

It’s because electricity didn’t play as much of a role in our lives before. This is why there are so few outlets in older houses. It’s easy and affordable to add a few outlets in the right places. They will make your home more convenient and attractive to buyers if you decide to sell.

Add USB Outlets

It’s worth installing USB outlets around the home in addition to standard outlets. USB outlets are not just for smartphones. Many small electronic devices, including fans and lights, also use USB cords or rechargeable batteries.

Ask your electrician to add some USB outlets to your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Replace Outdated Light Fixtures

In addition to being an eyesore, outdated light fixtures are one of the things that potential buyers notice first when they look around a house. It is easy to do this electrical upgrade as your budget and time allow. Replace outdated ceiling fans and light fixtures in the common areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Then, move on to the more private rooms, like the bedroom.

Upgrading your electrical system can increase the value of your home and improve your quality of life. However, it is best to leave electrical work to professionals.

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