How to Keep Critters away from your Beautiful Home

Are you able to see the nasty creatures running around your garden? They will eventually find their way inside your house if you are not careful. They will cause damage to your home and wallet once they get in.

It’s important to make sure they never get inside your house. What would you do first? We’ll discuss some of the best tricks that you can implement in the next few weeks.

Keep Tree Branches Trimmed

Custom Contracting is a roofing company in Hamilton with over 30 years of experience and has encountered the same issues repeatedly. Large trees are often close to roofs when they need to repair holes that squirrels have squeezed into.

Squirrels will use branches near your roof as launchpads to land on it. Trim branches that lead to your roof to keep them out of reach.

Check for Holes in the Attic

Custom Contracting, a Burlington asphalt roofer, finds that some roofs have small holes filled in. Some customers didn’t want to stop water entering their attic when they spoke to Custom Contracting.

To prevent animals from getting in, the holes were filled. Check the attic for any small holes. Fill in any holes larger than a penny because small animals will find a way into them.

Don’t Keep Bird Feeders Around.

You don’t want birds to go hungry, so you feed them whenever possible. Make sure that you don’t do it near your house. Many birds will land on your roof when they are in the area.

If the cement behind your gutters falls off, a small number of birds may find their way in. If you encourage them to visit your house, there is a greater chance that they will find their way into your attic.

Remove old animal nests right now.

You’ll need someone to knock down any nests that are near your roof. Check the attic to see if there are any nests. Even if the nests are empty, you should still check.

Animals have no problem creating a home in an old nest. Removing old nests can reduce the likelihood of them showing up. Animals may move to another house if they can’t sleep.

How to Store Garbage

Do you store your garbage outside until it is time to remove it? You’ll want to store it correctly because it will attract animals, which are attracted to odors.

Keep your trash bags in containers that are sealed and won’t emit scents. Store them in a container that animals can’t chew through. The lid should not fall off in the event that something pushes it over.

Critters Are No Good

Only pets should be allowed in your house. Wild animals can damage your home and cause headaches.

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