Drink In Style: Home Bar Cabinet Designs For Your Home

Drink Up, Buttercup! There’s A Home Bar Cabinet Right Beside You

Time to pour yourself a drink, put on some perfume, and pull yourself together! Are you the kind of person who loves a sip of an alcoholic beverage when you’re happy or sad but hates getting out of your comfort zone? Does even a walk to the kitchen feel like a tedious job? Well, we have some good news! This corner bar cabinet will suit you well. An antique wooden home bar cabinet sits in a living room with African handicraft masks on one side and a gorgeous floral wallpaper on the other at the corner. This home bar cabinet has a wine rack on one side and open shelves on the other. With glass sliding doors to keep your liquor secure, this bar cabinet provides ample storage options for your bottles and glasses. You would want to take advantage of it, would you?

Peek A Boo! I Don’t See You!

Time to blur out your booze. You all know that too much alcohol consumption is bad for health. You also know your limits, but sometimes a bottle of rum is on your shelf, visible to your naked eye, and smack! Before you know it, you got your hands tightly wrapped around its neck! True story, eh? Well, voila, we have an idea, and that’s to blur your booze out. This type of bar cabinet design is made to fit into your crockery unit. This home bar cabinet is made from a glass material with a blurred finish. This means your booze is visible, yet it needs to be visible. This bar cabinet fits well in a minimalistic-styled kitchen as it only takes up a little space.

Old Is Gold With This Home Bar Cabinet Design

The older it gets, the better it tastes; you have guessed it right. I’m talking about liquid sunshine in a glass or whisky. Is it too late to stop sharing your whisky? Have your friends already identified your home bar cabinet? Do they swing by every week for a quick one on the rocks? Hang on, don’t be so sad. Hold your horses. We have a quick fix. Listen up, all you whisky-possessive people, why not hide the best whisky beside the bar cabinet and the rest on display? Brilliant. This modern bar cabinet combines tall, petite, open and closed. Attached to the tall available cabinet with shelves for all bottles comes a lower bar cabinet to hide your favorites away. This aqua-blue combo bar cabinet is a perfect modern design for all homes.

To Love Laughter And Wine

In this modern living, a grey home bar cabinet stood against a grey wall, waiting for wine o’clock. All you ladies out there who love to drink wine, Netflix, and chill, this home bar cabinet design is something you will want in your living room. This bar cabinet comes with multiple storage options. It has a wine-cooling unit on one side and open shelves on the other to make storage easy. Time to get your girls together in the name of wine! Chop chop now. What are you waiting for?

Stand Tall, Or Baby, Don’t Stand At All!

“What are you doing up there?” “Getting high,” said the tall bar cabinet.

Fancy a tall wooden home bar cabinet to give your space a rustic touch? Ahem, this might be just what you’re looking for. This tall bar cabinet is enclosed within a pantry with lots of room to store all your wine, whisky, rum, and more. With shelves and bottle holders in a zig-zag and square pattern, this home bar cabinet has a creative kick to it.

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