What is the best exterior paint for your home?

Repainting exterior walls can be a great way to upgrade your home. Repainting exterior walls increases your home’s curb appeal and makes them more durable. Freshly painted properties are more visually appealing and resistant to weather damage. As a preventative measure, homeowners plan to do extensive painting every few years. Many people are unaware that some paints are not suitable for outdoor weather. Refreshing the exterior more often than intended can be frustrating.

Ceramic paints are gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional paints because of their multi-functional qualities. Check with a NACE inspector to see if ceramic paints are allowed. The paint has been designed to provide better protection from the sun. It is used around the home. This paint can be applied in the same way as conventional exterior paints. You will need patience to prepare your home properly. You only need a positive outlook and quality tools to give your home a new look.

What are the benefits of using ceramic paints?

Improved Weather Protection

The weather can be a tough enemy for your house, as it can damage the foundation of the wall. Ceramic paint provides a durable outer coating that can withstand even the harshest climates. Ceramic microspheres are resistant to moisture and can prevent mold and mildew from growing on walls.

The compact, tiny spheres also allow ceramic paint to form a dense layer that protects against direct rain damage. Traditional paints are made with low-quality fillers, which are vulnerable to weather elements. The compact spheres also prevent insect or pest invasion because they provide an extra layer of protection.

Tough against Daily Damages

Over time, the walls can become worn and damaged from everyday activities. Damage caused by a dog scratching your wall or dents from a ladder can all affect a house’s appeal. Ceramic paint is more durable than traditional paints and has a higher tensile force.


Ceramic paints have a lifespan of 10 to 25 years, which is longer than the traditional alternatives. As the paint’s lifespan increases, repainting becomes less expensive. The durability and toughness of its finish make it a great choice for exterior walls. The tough outer layer is resistant to fading from sun damage or fading caused by aging, extending the life of the paint. The ceramic coating is more resistant to algae and mold than other paints.

Shield Against UV Rays

UV radiation is known to cause paint degradation, premature fading, and cracking of the coat. The paint, which is made with ceramic microspheres and is highly reflective, deflects UV radiation with ease. It keeps an insulation layer and reduces heating/cooling costs. Ceramic paint is resistant to UV rays and will not fade after prolonged sun exposure.

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