The Ultimate Checklist for a Valentine’s Day at Home

You might spend Valentine’s Day alone at home due to work, family obligations, and other commitments. You can still have a good time even if you don’t go anywhere special. Happiness begins at home!

There are a few simple things you can do to make your day (and evening) memorable. Here are some tips on how to make the event unforgettable.

How to Prepare for a Great Night

You can make Valentine’s Day special with a bit of preparation. You will be more appreciated by your partner/date if you plan. Here are some tips for planning a fun night out:

Surprise Your Friends During the Day

Valentine’s Day is on Monday, which means that most people are at work. Sending flowers, handmade chocolates, or tickets to a concert can help set the mood.

A delivery woman observing safety measures while delivering flowers.

Sort Out A Delicious, Candlelit Dinner

There’s nothing better than a candlelit meal with your loved ones.

You can order something to make your life easier or cook it yourself. Choose something that you and your partner will both enjoy. If you can, invest a little more in the best ingredients.

Do you have children?

It can be not easy to find time for romance when you have children. Finding a babysitter is also not always an option. So why not include them in the celebration and share it?

  • Create Valentine’s Breakfast with your kids.
  • Gift certificates are a great idea. You can say, “I’ll play your favorite game” (maybe after Valentine’s Day).
  • Spread the love by creating a special craft for an older adult!
  • Plant some flowers

You can help your kids feel involved by teaching them about kindness and love. This will give you the rest you need to reignite the romance or start a new relationship.

Pictured: Mother with child creating Valentine’s Day crafts.

After this, the magic begins. Open the red wine, maybe have some tapas, and spend some time with your partner!

Organize Some Entertainment

Netflix is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day in your home, relaxing and enjoying a romantic rom-com.

Play some Valentine’s Day board games. Amazon has a wide range of games to suit all budgets.

Don’t Forget your Gift

For her, the best Valentine’s Day gifts are tailored to suit her style and taste. If your man is a fitness enthusiast, you can get him a practical gift like a new razor or reusable water bottles for the gym.

Prepare Your Bedroom for Valentine’s Day

Let’s say you get it on Valentine’s Day. It is important to maintain the condition of your bed and bedroom.

How to prepare:

Need A New Mattress? It’s Time to Buy a New Mattress!

It’s time to replace your lumpy mattress. Bedstar will deliver your mattress the following day if you order one. The premium service also recycles your old mattress.

Renew Your bed with an Upholstered Headboard.

Sweet Dreams Ottowa Double Fabric Headboard, 4FT6 (available in various colors at Bedstar Online).

You can transform a divan bed or Ottoman Bed with a stylish headboard. The headboards can be attached to the base, floor-standing, or mounted to the wall. This simple change will transform your bedroom.

TV Beds

A TV Bed allows you to combine Netflix with quality time. TV beds feature a motorized television mount that is built into the footboard of the bed. It can be raised at the touch of a button.

Pictured: Cyrus TV Bed 4FT6 (Available from Bedstar Online in various colors)

Make your Bed

Valentine’s Day doesn’t only revolve around romance but also about passion. Make sure that your bed is in tip-top shape. Wear fresh bedding and, if possible, add a knitted throw and cushions for an inviting look. This is your place of intimacy and quiet relaxation.

Create a feature wall or paint your bedroom walls.

Julian Bowen Fullerton Double Storage Bed is shown against batten-styled wall paneling. Bedstar offers this product.

First impressions are important when you’re hosting a date. Consider painting your bedroom walls to freshen them up. Choose low-VOC paint for a pleasant smell. It’s also a great idea to create a feature wall. Consider wall paneling. This is a great option that’s both cost-effective AND beautiful!

Freshen Up Your Home

Do not forget to clean your bedroom. Dust the furniture, clean it up, use the vacuum, check for stains, and spray some odor-neutralizer. You can clean your home in an hour.

Valentine’s Day is not the fun-free day that it’s portrayed to be. It’s a time to make memories and rekindle kindness. You can still have a good time even if you don’t do much. These tips will make the day more memorable.

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