Private Tours: What Are They? Why Book One

We get it. You have checked your calendar, and you’ve allocated a few weeks of annual leave to a major overseas trip. Now, you want the most out of each second. You have limited time to plan, and you want to make the most of your time at the destination. So, you decide that an organized tour will help reduce the stress of traveling. How do you choose from the many organized travel options available – small-group tours to self-guided to private tours?

Private tours in Sydney can be described as all-inclusive experiences that are led by a local expert guide, following an itinerary carefully crafted and balanced. You may also find private tours referred to as “bespoke” or ‘tailor-made’ if you wish to customize your itinerary. These private tours offer an intimate exploration of Sydney’s gems, ensuring a personalized and exclusive adventure through the city’s iconic landmarks and hidden treasures.

Private tours are popular because they offer convenience and time savings. If you’re not used to managing all of the logistics for your trip, from booking transportation, attraction tickets, to finding sustainable accommodations, ethical experiences, and local restaurants, it can be difficult. A guide can also be useful if you’re nervous about visiting an unfamiliar place, do not speak the local language, or wish to visit places that are off the beaten track.

What makes private tours so special? Here are five more reasons why travelers love private tours.

1. Customizable itineraries
2. Flexible departure dates, trip length and flexible departure dates
3. Local insight and local knowledge
4. Nature and areas off the beaten path
5. Enjoy your trip only with your group

Why Book A Private Tour?

1. Customized private tours for you

You can create or find a tour tailored to your exact needs, whether you are someone who has read a guidebook from cover to cover and is ready to relax in secluded locations.

Private tours are tailored to what you hope to achieve from your vacation. Our sustainable travel partners have carefully crafted the itineraries that we offer, but it’s impossible to make a plan for every traveler. A private tour offers the benefit of being able to customize your itinerary. The tour operator can coordinate activities with you to create an itinerary that suits your needs. You can include destinations you have found through your own research, or eliminate activities that do not interest you. You can personalize your trip to make it more meaningful to you.

You can be as involved as you like in the tour planning process. Trip planning can be a source of stress for some people. You can be relieved of this stress by our sustainable tour operators. Other travelers find that planning a trip is a part of their enjoyment of travel. Your research and feedback will be used to create your own private trip.

2. Private tours can be customized in terms of trip length, departure dates and more

It can be challenging to plan a vacation around your work and daily responsibilities. A private tour has the advantage of not having a set departure date, unlike group tours. You decide when and for how long you want to travel. You might only want to think about whether your itinerary fits with the travel season. Many hiking, trekking and climbing activities must be completed within a specific season in order to avoid dangerous weather conditions. Traveling in shoulder or off-season is more sustainable, and offers a richer cultural experience. There are fewer tourists, and queues can be shorter.

Once you reach your destination, private tours give you more flexibility than a small group tour. You can easily make changes to your itinerary, travel at your pace and focus on your own experiences without having to wait for the group’s approval.

3. Private tours provide local knowledge and insight

All of our tours include local guides who are intimately familiar with the history, culture, and significance of each destination. Your experience will be enhanced by the stories told by your local guide.

A local guide will take you past all the tourist traps, so you can immerse yourself in the architecture and history of the fort. Spend your afternoon visiting a local Rajput family, where you can sample their delicacies, and participate in a block printing workshop.

Our 3-Day Mida Creek Village Experience is another great example. Our local guide can be added to an independent or safari-style trip around Kenya to introduce you to the community of Watamu. You will go on boat rides, learn about mangrove forests and drink fresh coconut water from the coconut.

Your guide will be proficient in the local dialects and languages of your destination. Traveling is easier when you have local knowledge. The most rewarding travel experiences are often found off the beaten track. You can let go of any communication concerns you may have about transportation or dietary needs by traveling with a native English speaker.

4. Private tours are a great way to explore nature

Private tours are a great way to make the most out of private transportation. This is not just limited only to cars, as you might think. There are many guided tours that allow for a slower pace and minimal driving, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in your destination. Explore the Soul of Ecuador’s Cloud Forest and enjoy the magic of hiking in a private reserve while hummingbirds fly by. You can also hike, kayak, sail and snorkel the Lycian Way, in southern Turkiye. Swimming over ancient Roman ruins submerged under water is a great experience. You can explore the natural world in a private tour, and get away from the crowds.

5. Enjoy your trip only with your group

Covid has been changing the world for a few decades now. While many are eager to discover new horizons and explore, others worry about their safety and comfort. Private tours are tailored to you and your closest travel companions. No need to worry about traveling with strangers or sharing public transportation. Social distance is also easy to maintain with those outside of your group. Enjoy your group experiences and relax with your friends.

What is the cost of private tours?

Private tours are inherently more expensive than small group tours or self guided tours. The actual price depends on factors such as destination, activities and trip length. Private tours are a great way to maximize your vacation and experience a destination in a personalized itinerary. Here are some examples of private guided tours to give you an idea of price range:

What is the price difference between small-group tours and guided tours?

Private tours differ from small-group tours as well as self-guided tours.

Small-group tours are less expensive than private tours. There will be less flexibility in the itinerary, but you’ll have some free time. You may also travel with more people.

The most cost-effective option is always self-guided tours. Since you don’t pay to be accompanied, the cost of your trip is drastically reduced. Self-guided trips are best suited for nature-focused activities, such as walking or cycling tours. They are more cost-effective than guided tours and cultural experiences.

In the end, private tours are worth what you pay. After all, you are paying someone to be with you on your journey and to be available 24/7 to you and to your traveling companions for the duration. Spending money on things you don’t want to do is a waste of money. You can spend it on the experiences that are important to you.

We aim to offer a fair price range for private tours, which will provide a great deal for travelers. This is for two main reasons:

We are not convinced that budget packages are sustainable. We worry that low prices mean someone isn’t being paid fairly.
Second, we do not want sustainability to be synonymous luxury or feel inaccessible. If you would like to stay in eco-luxury accommodations, it is possible.
Any custom-designed private tour can take your budget into account. Let our sustainable partners know if cost is an issue at the start of the planning phase and they will help you create a trip that fits your budget. We can adjust your itinerary to suit your needs, whether it’s prioritizing some destinations or activities or changing the length of your trip.

What type of travel is right for you?

The type of trip that you choose will depend on many factors, including your personality, budget and travel style.

Independent travel is a great option if you want to be in complete control. You can book all the components of your trip yourself. This is an effective way to tailor your trip to fit your budget.

Independent travel is a great option if you want to be in complete control. You can book all the components of your trip yourself. This is an effective way to tailor your trip to fit your budget.

Self-guided tours are a great option if you need a little assistance in organizing your trip (routes, accommodations, transfers to and from the airport) but want to be in control once you arrive. Self-guided tours are popular for driving, walking and cycling tours. They are also cheaper than private or small group tours.

Small-group tours are a great option for those who like to travel with others, but prefer to have a guide. They have set departure dates, and the maximum number of travelers is usually 10-12. This allows for a more intimate experience among travelers who share similar interests at a reasonable price.

If you want a customized itinerary that allows you to immerse yourself into nature or culture with a local expert then book a guided private tour. If you want to travel only with family and friends, but want a personalized experience, this is the best option.

The choice is ultimately yours. Contact us if you need help choosing or have an idea of a trip you’d like to discuss. We offer 30-minute consultations on sustainable travel for conscious travelers. Fill out the form below to get started. We’ll be happy to help!

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