How to Mix Classic and Vintage in Your Home Decor

Mixing home decor styles will add depth and texture to your home. You can also add your personality through carefully selected pieces. Combining warm, inviting colors, patterns, and fabrics from classic home decor with vintage personalities can create a balance in your home that is anything but boring. Here are a few tips on how to create the perfect blend between the two.

Color Palette

It’s best to use neutral colors when mixing two¬†styles. Bright colors can make your furniture and accessories look uncoordinated. Repeat the same colors in your room. A turquoise plate display on the wall can complement neutral beige walls or curtains. Throw pillows or a rug in red or yellow can help bring the room to life without feeling overdone. Beige, brown, or orange can be used to accent brighter pieces.

Unify with Pattern

Another way to add vintage charm to classic decor is to use patterns. Use the colors from a vintage patterned fabric to choose your color palette. Keep to those colors, and you’ll have a room that looks great quickly. Repeat patterns in furniture lines or accessories. Your room can be given visual movement with a vintage camelback sofa. The curves of the couch can be repeated in patterned curtains or even a painting. Your classic decor will have a subtle vintage touch.

Create a focal point.

Create a focal piece to use a vintage item that does not fit or match your decor. Please place it in the center of the room so that it’s the first thing you see when you walk into the room. Frame it as you would frame any antique item, even if it is not decorated. Classic pieces can be used as a background to highlight the most important pieces in your collection. A traditional art display purchased from a large box store can also be used to tone down vintage furnishings. The art display is different and will attract the eye and help to tone down the vintage look. The classic accessories will blend seamlessly with vintage furniture if you keep the palette and pattern to a minimum.

Keep an open mind when mixing two styles of decor. Take some risks when you choose pieces that you like. Let your vintage pieces and neutral colors be the focal point of your classic home.

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