How to declutter your home: Top tips

We all need to clean up our homes now and again. You would be surprised how much clutter can accumulate in a single year. Therefore, it is important to do a regular clean-out. Clearing out your home can be a daunting task. Many people imagine having to take time off work to go through everything, fight dust and cobwebs, and deal with their emotions.

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a hassle. If your home is in need of a clean-out, we’ve compiled some tips to help you.

Hire A Skip/Removal Service

After decluttering, you will have to deal with piles of garbage. You don’t want your dustbin to be overflowing with garbage, and you certainly don’t want multiple trips to the local waste disposal facility—especially if it charges per carload.

To avoid the hassle, hire a skip or the services of an experienced waste removal company such as Central Junk London. You can store all of your waste in a single location and rest assured that it will be sorted by professionals and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

It will also make cleaning up a lot simpler, as you won’t be left with multiple piles scattered throughout your home.

Work Your way up

The rooms that are used the most by most people tend to be the ones with the most clutter. You likely spend the majority of your time in your living room or kitchen. Decluttering will be easier when you have more energy. So, start with the rooms where you’ll see the biggest difference.

It is also a good idea to bring them with you, as they will usually end up in the spare room for storage. This makes it more convenient than cleaning out your upstairs only to fill it back with things from down below.

Use boxes

Use boxes to help you remain organized during the decluttering process. You can use a box to separate the items you wish to donate and those you would like to discard. The removal company will collect the throw-out boxes or place them in skips. You can then load up the donated items and take them to a shelter or charity shop.

Clean As You Go

Many people are unsure whether cleaning is more effective during or after a clean-out. It’s best to do it before, except for the floor. Why empty a bookshelf, clean it, then load it back up with all the books and have to remove them to dust them, only to return them? When surfaces are empty, dust and clean them. Once you’ve done this for every shelf or counter in the room, move on to the floor.

It’s best to finish the floor last because dust and debris that accumulate on surfaces will fall to the floor.

Final words

These tips should help you declutter your home. Do you have any suggestions for large-scale cleaning?

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