Green Thumbs: Decor for Your Home that is “Green.”

You may have noticed that the “bringing outdoors in” design has been a major influence on interior decor. Green and natural environments are also known to have psychological benefits such as stress reduction and blood pressure reduction. They can also improve indoor air quality, and there are no toxic by-products. There are many ways to incorporate some natural elements into your space if you want it to be energized with greenery.


You can use plants in your design as a simple arrangement of flowers, or you can make them the focal point by selecting larger and exotic plants. Green Smart Decor says that if you really want to create a greenhouse, you can cover your exteriors with beautiful plants like ficus or ivy. The green covering is not only beautiful but can also protect against UV rays as well as noise pollution.

Experimenting with different textures

Try to bring the textural contrast found in nature into your interior design by using different materials, fabrics, and woods. Teak and bamboo, for example, are both beautiful, eco-friendly woods that can be used to make furniture, flooring, or blinds. Look for natural fibers like silk, linen, or wool blends when choosing throw pillows.

Use Your Windows

Keep your curtains or blinds tied to let in more natural light. This will give you a better view and allow for more sunlight. Use any available space outside your window to grow flowers, trees, or shrubs to create a lusher environment around your home. Try hanging a plant on your windowsill or using flower boxes. You will feel more surrounded by nature with these small touches.

Use Nature as Inspiration

The beauty of nature is a great source of inspiration when it comes to home decor. You can make arrangements using cattails or lavender, feathers of peacocks, twigs with beautiful shapes, or any other yard clippings. Look for accent pillows and art that are printed with green or natural themes, such as floral or foliage motifs.

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