Dazzling Interiors – Find Seven Awesome Wall Decors for Your Home This Year

The monotony of life can be overwhelming. We are inspired by nature and its wonders, so we travel and explore. We spend most of our time at home, which is why we keep it attractive and comfortable.

You’re probably like me and can’t take another ‘Live Laugh Love.’ The same boring wall art can make a space dull and devoid of personality. Now is the time to add some style to your home decor. Personalized wall art is the newest wall decoration trend. I will share with you seven unique ideas for decorating your walls without being called “so basic.”

Boho Baskets

You can instantly upgrade your home decor by mounting baskets to a wall. Get some baskets made by hand in various sizes and patterns and hang them on a wall. These baskets look great in any setting and will make you appear well-traveled! Paint plain baskets in different colors using craft paint for an extra pop.

Mapping it All Out

You can immortalize an important place in your life with art. Custom maps are easy to create and have a modern look. Select the Map location and choose a color. Then, select the size and framing. You can also add a marker as a way to remember why this location is important to you. Instant art with just a few simple steps!

Fascinating Floral Prints

Listen to me first. I know that floral prints are tacky, but I’m not going to tell you why. Don’t overdo it if you don’t like floral wallpaper. Select a print or a monochrome one if you prefer. Wallpaper is only an accent wall. Keep the rest of your room blank, and use a large art piece to tie in the overall look. You can also go all out and wallpaper the whole room, keeping the furniture in monochrome.

Transform it with a Tapestry.

This is a fantastic method to include fabric in your wall décor. Tapestries can be used to add texture to your wall decor. Old rugs, woven wall hangings, and even old quilts can be used. You can add texture to your decor by using beads. If you are experimenting with wall decor and don’t know if a vibrant or intricate hanging will work, choose a neutral-toned one that can be used with almost anything. Frame your fabric for a more modern look.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are one of the oldest forms of wall decoration. Mirrors instantly brighten up a room and make it appear larger. You can choose from a variety of styles. Metal and wooden pieces with heavy frames look and feel more classy. A geometric mirror will add a touch of modernity. Lean them up against the wall and call it art. Try making a gallery of mirrors if you want to be extra creative.

Farmhouse Charm with Shiplap

Shiplap is a popular wall decor right now. This wall decor has endless possibilities. Do you want to add height to your room? Install it vertically. Do you want a modern look? It should be glossy. Do you want an eye-catching headboard? Use a horizontal shiplap that is not painted. You can use it in your bathroom or nursery, your bedroom, your hallway, and even your kitchen.

Sculptural Sconces

You can kill three birds by using wall sconces. The right wall sconce can provide adequate lighting and take up less space than lamps. It can also be used as a standalone piece of art. A sconce can be paired with a painting to create a beautiful small wall. Hanging multiple sconce lights evenly spaced apart can add drama to your decor. For a striking contrast, you can pair traditional furniture with sconces that look modern. Install wall lights instead of paintings to create a unique standalone sconce.


It is possible to decorate your walls in various ways. However, you must have a very clear idea about the style and look you want. Start in the middle of the wall and work outwards. Then, decide on your desired placement and consider the furniture. All the pieces in a room should be able to work together. Home decor is all about making the room appear organic. It’s not enough to throw things up on the wall and call it “art.” Think about the theme of your entire room before you start decorating.

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