Wildlife in Sabah, Borneo

A Natural Beauty for Adventurous Souls

It is no surprise that the producers of the reality series, “Survivor”, chose Sabah when selecting a wild natural scenery for the 2000 debut. Situated on the eastern edge of Borneo, Malaysia, Sabah is simply a land of awe-inspiring natural beauty. Sabah is rated among the top destinations for nature and wildlife adventure. Get closer to Sabah Borneo Wildlife in the company of like-minded people with Women’s Own Adventure. The wildlife sights in Sabah include orangutans, turtles, bearded pigs, macaques, monkeys, crocodiles, pythons, marbled cats, rhinos and elephants.

The region has more adventure to offer than you can imagine. Embark on the adventurous ascent to the mystical Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South-East Asia. The scene of the sunrise at the summit of the mountain will simply take your breath away! And, when you mix with the local Dusun people while experiencing the Miki Jungle Survival Camp, you will definitely become knowledgeable about ancient cultures and traditions of Sabah.

Wildlife in Sabah – Welcome to the Jungle

Once you mention Borneo, what quickly comes to mind is an amazing wildlife jungle filled with orangutans and varieties of animal species. Charles Darwin once said this about Borneo; “A great, wild untidy lush conservatory prepared by nature itself”. To different people Sabah Borneo stands for different things – “home to frogs that fly”, “an abode of fishes that walk on mud”, “a habitat of monkeys that dive and swim”, “a locale for plants that eat insects”…

The natural beauty of Sabah combined with its distinctive range of wildlife and plants make the location an irresistible lure to adventurous souls who want to closely encounter Orangutans, Nesting Turtles, Proboscis Monkeys, and out-of-this-world nature trails. You will surely experience memorable encounters with the wildlife and flora of Sabah.


You can only find Orangutans on Borneo and Northern Sumatra. These primates are notable inhabitants of the Borneo rainforest and constitute the largest lure to wildlife adventure vacations and tours.


Reptiles and Amphibians

The several layers of the Borneo rainforest harbor hundreds of species of amphibians and reptiles. The rainforest is famous for its flying species, with flying frogs and flying lizards being the most abundant. Well, these reptiles and amphibians don’t literally fly, but leap and glide long distances. You can also witness sea turtles lay their eggs with a night on Turtle Island.


Large Mammals

The Borneo rainforest also harbors large mammals, particularly elephants and rhinos. The specie of elephants here are the pygmy elephants – smaller, fatter, and less aggressive compared to the African elephant. Large cats such as leopards are also to be found in the rainforest.


There are over 15,000 plant species in the rainforest and a good number of them are only found in Borneo, the world’s richest rain forests. The most notable being the carnivorous plants; the Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes) and the and the giant Rafflesia, where the flower may be over 100 cm in diamater and weigh up to 10 kilos.


Explore a mystical land on our journey into Sabah, a place teeming with wildlife and natural beauty. Join a group of women who share the same interest with Women’s Own Adventure. You’ll remember every minute of this unforgettable adventure!