Travel Visa

For those of you unaccustomed to visas, they’re stickers that make your passport look pretty.

A Visa is actually a conditional authorisation granted by a country to a foreigner, allowing them to enter, remain within, or to leave that country. In many countries, without a visa you’ll simply be turned away at the border or at check-in for your flight. You can of coarse deal directly with the embassy of the country you need a visa for, as this is the cheapest way of obtaining a visa. However this can often be a confusing and complicated process, with obscure questions on application forms and limited help.

We recommend applying for visas with a professional visa service who can guide you though the process and take care of lodging and collecting your passport with multiple embassies, so we have teamed up with The Visa Machine. They specialise in visa applications and have the expertise to provide current and accurate information and arrange the correct visas for your trip, quickly and at a good price….


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