Here is what some of our clients had to say about their experiences:

“Thanks once again for a fabulous trip.  They are so well organised and have such variety.  You really do a good job.  Japan was fabulous.  I would recommend telling clients to take a small hand towel with them in their bag as most toilets do not supply hand drying facilities.  Japanese men carry a handkerchief size towel in their pockets. Having the JR Passes and the Pasmo was great.  In fact we used our Pasmo at the supermarket to finish it off.  Another fantastic holiday that you have organised.”

Japan Discovery Lyn

“Thank you for organising such an amazing and varied experience.
My main reason for booking was to experience Machu Picchu so everything else was a bonus. Expert guides allowed us to not only experience the culture of Peru as a country but to better understand the development of the culture over many centuries. Photos of the archaeological remains simply cannot do the varied sites justice, they were simply awe inspiring. Probably top of the itinerary would go to our overnight stay in the village, an experience that will stay with all of us for a long time to come. The coastal desert drive down to Paracas to view the Nasca Lines was so very different to the rainforest forest. The boat ride out to the Ballestas Islands was an impressive surprise, wow so many birds and sea lions!!!!
We dined exceptionally well, the food was fresh, well prepared and varied.
Our accommodation was better than expected and leaned more towards 5 star.
We felt safe at all times and found everyone we encountered to be friendly and helpful.
Guides were prompt and informative and nothing was too much trouble and all our minivans more than comfortable.”
Peru, Land of the Incas Karen

“I loved our trip. The variety of places we visited and the diversity of the country was well and truly displayed for us. I’m so glad we saw the Nazca Lines. I was amazed!

Thanks for terrific organisation and a great trip. I would definitely choose WOA again. “
Peru, Land of the Incas Margaret-Anne

“All in all trip was way above my expectations.  I really enjoyed it.
The trip was well organised,  crew great, cruise director fantastic and rides just perfect.”

Bike and Boat along the Danube Jutta

“I loved the whole trip and can’t find anything I didn’t like.  The boat was great, the cabin small but adequate, the staff lovely, all the rides wonderful. The first and last days were best for me. Most of the other guests were great, the meals good.
All up it was fantastic.”

Bike and Boat along the Danube Marg

“This was my first ever fully escorted tour and I had a fabulous adventure which far exceeded my expectations. Our small group was greatly spoiled by the enthusiastic,delightful ,knowledgeable guide,  Ani , and expertly driven by the calm and safe Misho. I think you already know how good Ani is, and together with Misho this was a perfect team.
What I liked best was the variety it terms of geography, food, accommodation  and “touristical”sites. The itinerary was tweaked according to the weather forecasts but there were some fantastic walks up and down mountains, alpine lakes, beech and coniferous forests, limestone caves, river canyons, alpine meadows ,monasteries , villages and cities.
I would easily recommend this tour to any walkers and good eaters! Bulgarian and Greek food is delicious and the quality of the summer fruits and vegetables is so far ahead of Australia in terms of flavour and price.”
Bulgaria to Greece, Discover the Unknown Europe Robyn

“Loved every minute with lots of variety but certainly having such a wonderful Annie was special.
Food itinary and accomodation was varied and interesting.
I think a lot of thought has gone into making this trip so enjoyable. Thank you so much.”
Bulgaria to Greece, Discover the Unknown Europe Helen

“We survived and had a really fantastic trip once again. Beverley our guide was full of knowledge and we learnt so much about the history re the death march etc that we didn’t really know about what an eye opener and she did a great job as our guide. She actually took us to lots of extra places and organised our last couple of days on the river and white water rafting. People have asked me my highlight but there were so many I loved every minute even the big trek to Miki camp and Lynn and I ate local food every meal – I miss that now.
So thanks for a great great holiday and looking forward to our next one with you.”

Sabah, Borneo Wilderness Adventure Mary - QLD

Just to let you all know this trip will be etched in my memory, I haven’t had so much fun and tranquillity in a long time. I have enjoyed every moment of this adventure and your company.

Larapinta Desert Trek Maria - QLD

I’m not really sure what I expected, but the holiday has been fabulous.  Our guide, Mr Sang Aung, has been exceptional, we felt very well looked after. It’s been brilliant to see Myanmar now because it’s changing before your eyes.”

Myanmar (burma) Discovered Kathryn - Sydney

The whole tour was awesome and very well organised and ran very smoothly

Sun, our guide, was excellent.  His english was very good and its the first tour I’ve taken where the same guide staying with you the whole time so he got to know when we needed a coffee or a rest etc. it worked very well. Loved all the activities and I would encourage anyone going to do the balloon ride as it gave real scale to the area of Bagan.  Loved the electric bikes, great fun.

All activities were excellent with good variety and once we got into the rhythm of it, paced well. I wouldn’t have changed any of the itinerary, well paced and gave you an excellent overview of the country.  The people are warm and welcoming, a very gentle people.  The country is quite breathtaking and full of extremes.

Myanmar (Burma) Discovered Diana - Sydney

India did not disappoint. Every destination revealed  more and more about the transitions between the ancient and contemporary civilisation. Unbelievable. I was in search of the cycle of life and I saw it up front. Thanks again for organising such a wonderful trip. Unforgettable. It has certainly given me a taste for adventure and am enthusiastic and looking forward to meeting up to discuss my next trip.

Northern Jewels of India Angela

I loved every bit of it. Karen is just delightful and every detail is attended to. The food was fabulous. Loved the activities and staff were gorgeous. Yoga was great and we had a lovely group. I would love to go again.

Active Yoga Retreat in Bali Pauline

What I love most about your tours is hard to describe, but it’s being able to visit potters and rug makers and not be led into the “sales” rooms. It’s being guided by people passionate about their country, it’s having time to discover a foreign land and let it unfold. It’s laughing with the locals as we dressed up and danced in the street. ( Deshka guesthouse). The balance between long hikes and shorter walks was excellent, the diversity of culture and nature was great.

Bulgaria to Greece, The Unknown Europe Louise

Had an absolutely fantastic time!!  Everything was well organised and ran smoothly throughout the trip. The standard was more than I expected, I had no idea that we would be waited on hand and foot. We just had to think about a cup of tea, and it was like magic it appeared.  The boys couldn’t do enough for us; they did a fantastic job looking after us. The experience was amazing, I hadn’t done much research before I left, and did most of it on the plane from a lonely planet book purchased at the airport. I really had no expectations, just there for the experience.

Everest Region Trek in Nepal Sharyn

Maria Island has been on my bucket list for years and definitely exceeded my expectations.   Great hassle-free and well organized trip.  The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful – we were in constant awe of the diversity of mountains, coastlines and beaches.  Plenty of wildlife greeting the group at regular intervals (even the wombats’ rectangular shaped poo was an attraction).  The guides who never failed to impress with their multi-tasking and culinary skills were exceptionally knowledgeable on the history and terrain of the island.  I was in constant admiration of their strength in carrying their huge backpacks filled with the groups’ gourmet delights and other fragile treats.
Food was deliciously healthy and the local wines complimented the meals.  Loved eating by candlelight in the evenings!  Particularly enjoyed the champagne lunch overlooking the Freycinet Peninsula.  What a sight to be behold and concluded the trip very nicely.

The group dynamics were good.  Would I change anything about trip? Mmmm… the only thing I would like to see is MORE CHOCOLATE please.

Maria Island Walk Jodi

Antarctica certainly more than lived up to my expectations.  In fact all of the photos etc that I have seen of it previously certainly does not do it justice.  I walked on an iceberg, camped out on the continent overnight, saw penguins, seals and whales and also experienced 9 metre waves of Drakes Passage (and found out I can get seasick!).

The ship was fantastic.  In fact, it takes a bit to impress me, but the staff on the ship just outdid themselves – very service orientated.  It felt like they all knew that they were there to give you the best experience of your life.  The food was great – buffet for breaky and lunch followed by a 3 course 5 star meal at night – would struggle to find a restaurant in Australia that provides what I had.  Was not sure what to expect travelling alone, but found so many like minded people travelling alone also – never felt alone!

Antarctica Ally

Hi Marika, we had a ball, it was educational, fun, a little challenging. A fantastic way to showcase our land and it’s people! The food was good, healthy & heaps of it! You didn’t tell us we had the master chef of the Bush! Adam was a walking encyclopaedia & just a lovely human being! The only thing I thought we could improve on was the camp site location, ie more shade from the heat of the day, with some larger trees & possibly situated near a small waterhole. We had ample advice for OH&S personal care & hygiene. A great holiday to share with a bunch of ladies from quite diverse backgrounds. Thanks everyone! Specially the giggly gals!

Larapinta Desert Trek Rachel

I found the Tuscany with Joanne and Christine  trip to be life changing on so many levels.  The adventure of travelling with only women for 10 days was initially frightening but turned out to be such fun and so liberating.  I will certainly be doing that again. Joanne was so generous will her endless knowledge and passion for writing and poetry.  Since returning, I have bought a poetry book, life changing!

Joanne instills the belief that you can do it.  I have far more confidence in my writing.  I am never going to make a living out of it, but I now play and have fun with words. I have found my enjoyment of reading has increased immeasurably.  I would recommend this trip to anyone.  I have never been an avid reader or writer, but since Tuscany, it has all changed!

Writing Retreat Tuscany Darlene

The group of 8 women was great, everybody fitted in very well and we looked after each other. No pressure or stress, just great walking, eating, drinking and conversation!

Maria Island Walk Danielle

My holiday with WOA Tours was wonderful and amazing and each day was a new experience that will be talked about for many years to come. We had a great bunch of girls and it was a lot of fun being with them. Your guides did your Company proud, even though we only had Sol for a few days his expertise and knowledge of all the wonderful places we went to visit was only highlighted by the actual places we visited. Buffalo was brilliant, likewise his knowledge, his pictures and articles that he produced on his iPad to qualify what he was saying, the buses that appeared from nowhere when we arrived at different places, everything seemed to run like clockwork – all the hard work behind the scenes.  Each new experience whether it was the places we visited, the food and the side trips were all handled with ease and professionalism. There were too many highlights to mention.

This is my second trip with your Company and anyone that wants a holiday a little out of the ordinary, an adventure, a great experience with like minded ladies in a small group I couldn’t recommend your Company more highly, thank you.

Vietnam & Cambodia Pamela

A fabulous trip, full of many experiences and locations, in summary it exceeded all my expectations. Can’t fault it.

Tuscany Judith

A truly amazing hassle free trip that was well planned , organized and balanced. Guides were well informed and helpful beyond expectations, our Vietnamese guide even sang to us ( in Vietnamese) on the longer coach trips! Loved the mix of sightseeing, adventure and interaction with the local peoples, and the opportunities for free time and shopping. Yes,the trip from Siem reap was bone jarring, dusty and tiring but provided an insight into the REAL Cambodia  and the quality accommodation in Phnom Penh at the end of it proved a welcome respite , a chance to recover and unwind with drinks by the rooftop pool.
Every experience was rewarding and interesting  – I have difficulty picking a highlight.

Vietnam & Cambodia Lenore

I had a wonderful journey on the Camino with our group and Josie and our bus driver, Pepe.  Everyday was a new adventure and I really loved the Spanish culture that we had many opportunities to experience.  The walking was very manageable although 23 kms a day was my limit.  Josie was wonderful and brought her diverse experience of travel, Spain and her own personal journey to make my trip special.  Josie held the energies and group dynamics well particularly with her practices of mindfulness and silence.  The scenery, food and churches and cathedrals were beautiful.  Walking the path was special each day, arriving for a picnic lunch was lovely.  Our bus and driver were wonderful also, adding to a sense of comfort and rest if we needed it.

The journey has expanded my outlook on life.

Spanish Camino de Santiago Jill

Thank you for putting together such an interesting and different tour in Bulgaria. I was delighted to discover this hidden gem and get to know another corner of the world. The hiking was a great way to see the countryside and I found the local guide Ani to be very enthusiastic and caring. In fact Ani is one of the best guides I have ever come across, she is passionate about her own country and only wants to share her joy with you.

Bulgaria Annie

Fran and I had a truly wonderful time. The experience exceeded our expectations and the leadership of Josephina was much appreciated. She understood the nature of the experience and gave us every opportunity to immerse ourselves in the Camino experience. The opportunity to begin to understand this part of the world was an experience in itself. The quality of the accommodation was outstanding and, I believe, we received great value for our money.

Spanish Camino de Santiago Damien & Fran - QLD

My daughter and I have just returned from an amazing 10 day adventure in Tanzania and I cannot thank Marika and the crew at Woman’s Own Adventure enough. The trip was easily organised and planned in detail; and we were looked after from the minute we stepped out of the airport at Kilimanjaro. Our guide, Apollo was fantastic and did his best to ensure we saw everything, and what a great job he did. We managed to see every animal except a rhinoceros and a leopard and that wasn’t from lack of Apollo trying to find them for us.

The accommodation and activities organised for us were outstanding. We experienced everything from 5 star accommodations to camping on the Serengeti. As for food, I have never eaten so well in my life. The activities were varied, interesting and enjoyable, from animal watching, hiking through Kilimanjaro National Park, visiting local villages, waterfalls, museums and shopping. It is hard to pick a highlight from such a wonderful experience but I would have to say the 2 nights camping on the Serengeti were definitely one of my highlights. I cannot recommend this company highly enough and as a women often travelling on my own I will certainly be using them again.

Tanzania Rosalea - VIC

Having recently been left a small amount of money as an inheritance by my dear mother, I decided to take the family on a trip they would never forget.   After meeting with Marika and discussing a few options, we finally agreed that an African Safari, followed by a few days of tropical splendor, would do the trick. Marika set to work putting together the trip of our dreams, which exceeded all our expectations. The trip was organized perfectly from her choice of guide and driver (we’ll never forget Apollo), to the excellent accommodation, tasty food and an itinerary which included everything we wanted to see and do.

We rode camels, visited a Massi village (where my sons jumped with the Massi warriors), saw every creature one might expect to see in Africa and were looked after brilliantly by the guides, cooks, porters and staff at the various lodges we stayed in.  I’ll never forget when we were in Manyara National Park and we were parked where we could see a mother elephant and her baby up ahead, munching on some plants.   Very slowly the mother, with baby in tow started making their way towards our car and came to a stop just metres away.  Apollo realized that the elephants wanted to cross the dirt road right where our car was, so he slowly moved the car forward and the giant animals crossed the road, just behind the car.  I was totally awestruck and it’s a memory that will live with me forever. Just magnificent!!

I’m sure Marika will put together something equally as special for our next family holiday, but she’ll have her work cut out to top our African Trip of A Lifetime.

Tanzania, private tour Catherine - Sydney

Our walks were pleasant sojourns along the tracks, talking and teaming up with different women, waiting and watching, for the next magnificent scene to appear for the avid photographers to snap. What wonder! Our walking guide Christine became one of the party, travelling with us,  always attending to our personal needs, nothing was ever too much trouble. She had a warm, calm personality and befriended us all.

The combination of younger women and older women worked extremely well. They enjoyed our wisdom; we enjoyed their youthfulness and enthusiasm. The places chosen to visit were different and each new location offered something unique. The accommodation was good and those of us who shared had great roommates. This was a very successful trip and could be highly recommended.

Tuscany Sandra

Peru was magnificent.  I loved the varied itinerary (you to thank for that, no doubt).  I loved the way we saw Machu Piccu but also the Amazon, coastal and desert areas.  Who would have thought Peru had so much variety!
As I said, the hotels were lovely – much nicer than expected.  It certainly is a joy to relax in a comfortable room after a big day’s sightseeing.  Being an ex-backpacker of years gone by, I now realise no more dorms for me!  I like comfort.
Everything was so organised, and we all liked that. The guides, without exception, were first class.  Special mention must be made about Percy, who made our trip extra special.  He really is a unique person.  Peru is lucky to have him in the tourist industry. I liked the way the itinerary could be altered (slightly) for us – ie, perhaps not such a long walk for us up to the village. Everyone – hotel staff, drivers, guides, etc, went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and safe and ensure we got to where we needed to go.

Peru Jane - Victoria

I had a fantastic time on the trip.  I could go back and do it all over again.  I really enjoyed the company of all the women on the trip.  We were all so very different but everyone got on and supported each other… I thought the standard of the food and accommodation was brilliant.  If anything, too much food! ..  I loved the fact that we had the relaxation/chat time in the afternoon with drinks and nibblies, it really rounded the days off nicely…  As I am a beginner to bush walking and hiking, I was happy that I kept up, I was worried that I might not be fit enough, but felt that I handled the walks really well.

Maria Island Kathy

It really was fabulous and a dream come true for me.  Lhamo was a wonderful guide, and we couldn’t ask for a better driver than Cho Li.   Of course Ang pulled it all together.   I especially loved the hotel in Lhasa, and the tours in Lhasa.   As the others will tell you, I am obsessed with the Potala, and I could not believe that I had a view of it from our hotel room.    The tour suited my interests perfectly, as I loved seeing Ghantse, Shigatse, Rongbuk, Everest, and the road back to Nepal.   The van was much better than I expected and we were very comfortable as Cho Li drove us on all of those amazing roads.   I really enjoyed staying in the “tent” at Rongbuk… I will highly recommend your tours, and I plan to do another one next year – maybe to South America… So thanks again !

Tibet Liz - Melbourne

Antarctica is beyond expectations and is with no doubt the trip of one´s life.  It is impossible for any photograph to do any justice to the scenery, for any words to really convey the experience of being within a couple of feet of Weddell seals, Gentoo, Adelie and Chinstrap penguins, to walk in the whitest, most pristine snow to vantage points to see more of this magnificent scenery that can change from sunny to wind and snow within minutes, forth and back again, and then to calm still weather where one could hear a pin drop and see for a million miles.

If there is only one trip a person should do in their lifetime, it is a visit to Antarctica on the MS Expedition.

Antarctica Lisa - Sydney

I have been reflecting on what was a really fabulous holiday. With all the excitement of the big cities, then the total relaxation of the last few days, it’s hard to pick a favourite part. Seeing the Taj Mahal for the first time, and seeing a wild tiger at close quarters were just amazing. But it was the Indian people who made this holiday special, from those who came out to laugh at us riding camels around the village, to those who welcomed us into their homes and hotels, and the many smiling people waving at us in the streets. I will remember this for ever.

India Janette - Perth

I have been meaning to contact you and tell you what a great holiday I had in Tuscany. There was not one thing that wasn’t interesting, exciting or informative.  The group were a remarkable lot with so many different occupations, yet with a common interest in enjoying themselves. The photos on the website were great.

Tuscany Pat - NSW

Visiting Nepal had been a dream of mine for a long time and the trip with Women’s Own Adventure certainly fulfilled my expectations. It was well organised, very interesting, and a lot of fun with a wonderful group of new friends.  The mountains are spectacular and the local guides and porters couldn’t have done more to look after us.

Teahouse Trek in Nepal Chris - Sydney