Peru, Land of the Incas

In Peru, you will be awestruck by Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. These are truly the most inspiring and most beautiful sights. You will learn of the history and archaeology of the ancient cultures, discover the techniques and designs of the ceramics and weaving. One of the highlights of this trip is a the Indian Community overnight experience, walking through spectacular scenery surrounded by mountains to arrive at the village.

Other highlights of this amazing adventure are the 4 days spent at a gorgeous Eco Lodge in the Amazon jungle, followed by an amazing journey over the ancient, mysterious markings of the Nazca Lines. This adventure will be completed with a boat ride to the Ballestas Islands which is home to large guano birds, sea lions and the endangered Humboldt penguin.

Activity Level Duration Departure Date Price
easy 17 days 7th September 2020 AUD $5,820


Jane and I had a wonderful holiday, thanks to all the careful planning done by you and your people. I particularly enjoyed Peru and have recommended Womens Own to many women and have said how diverse and beautiful the country is.” – Mary

“Just had to thank you for arranging such a wonderful holiday for Jane and myself.  Your itinerary was just amazing, we enjoyed a comprehensive look into the Peruvian culture with plenty of adventures in our two week journey in Peru, we were just blown away by everything.
The top of my bucket list was to visit Machu Picchu and was most decidedly ticked, but the following stay with the Huilloc Community will stay with me forever, it was such a privilege to met and stay with these lovely people, welcomed so warmly into their homes and greeted with such friendship. The women’s weaving abilities were amazing and I was in awe of the way they spun the spinning spool most of the day while working doing other chores, looking after children etc. I will never forget this life experience, it was such a different way of looking at another culture so different from ours.
Everything you organised from Lima to Cusco, Sacred valley to Puerto Maldonado with everything in between was so different and wondrous to us, we were absolutely thrilled and excited by it all and constantly referred to your expertise of setting out such a diverse and wonderful itinerary.” – Morna