New Zealand Wellness Retreat

A holistic health and wellness experience located at the foot of the majestic Mount Te Aroha, a region famous for its breathtaking flora and fauna, its vast array of mountain walking tracks, and for the healing properties of its hot springs.

This four-day wholeness experience has been carefully designed to reset the modern day living rhythms in a way that brings about lasting change to your health, vitality and zest for life.

Starting with the most powerful driver of change, our mind, this retreat helps to create a new sense of awareness and mindfulness around nutrition, movement and mind management. It promises to challenge traditional ‘quick fix’ approaches to fitness and nutrition by introducing you to a series of bespoke experiences, along with simple daily practices, that will reap lasting benefits long after you leave our care.

NURTURE – How we balance the combined effects of intelligent movement, diet, rest and mindfulness is key to achieving positive health benefits. With our pristine alcohol-free, nicotine-free, caffeine-free, sugar-free and Wifi-free environment, nestled at the foothills of the majestic Mt Te Aroha, Te Atawhai allows you to remove yourself from the stresses of everyday life and experience the benefits of introducing a deep sense of peace and calm into your world.

NOURISH – Te Atawhai observes the principles of a whole foods diet, which means we focus on unprocessed, whole plant-based foods that are ideally organic, locally grown, seasonally fresh and bursting with flavour. We also exclude alcohol, caffeine, wheat, dairy and refined sugar from the menu.

At the retreat we recognise that in order to truly embrace a different way of eating, our food needs to be more than just healthy. To become a whole food convert, the food also needs to be visually appealing, full of flavour and easy to source and prepare. That’s why we go further than simply introduce you to a new way of eating. We provide demonstrations and advice as well.

THRIVE – We are all pleasure seekers at heart. In order to create and maintain change in the way that we think, move and eat, we believe there has to be a huge enjoyment factor involved. Taking pleasure in engaging in various forms of intelligent movement and filling our body with exactly the fuel it needs to thrive is what we strive for and deliver on our four day program.

Small groups… between 6-12 guests only at any one time. This ensures an exclusive and organic experience and the ability for the programme to cater to every group’s needs, as well as the individual.

Mt Te Aroha… The majestic surroundings of Mt Te Aroha, in the region of Waikato, is unique and hard to beat. The highest point on the Kaimai-Mamaku range, Mt Te Aroha is famous for its breathtaking flora and fauna, its vast array of mountain walking tracks, and the healing properties of its hot springs. Its pristine natural beauty is pivotal in the practice of Mindfulness as part of the Wholeness program.

Bespoke Accommodation… In keeping with sustainability principles, each guest is booked into the homestead, a beautiful old home located just outside of the Edwardian town of Te Aroha. Every room has been restored and redecorated to create separate bespoke accommodation, for either 6 singles or 6 couples, with their own ensuite. You will not have to leave the surroundings of the beautiful lodge except to go on the mountain hikes.

Wholefood Menu… Every delicious world-class meal and snack at the retreat is lovingly prepared and beautifully presented by passionate wholefoods chefs using fresh wholefood ingredients.

We look forward to welcoming you to this sanctuary.

Activity Level Duration Price Dates
easy / moderate 4 days NZ$ 2,200 28th March – 1st April 2018
 11th – 15th April 2018
 25th – 29th April 2018
 9th – 13th May 2018
 23rd – 27th May 2018
 6th – 10th June 2018
 20th – 24th June 2018

Please contact us to check availability.