Saphire Coast (NSW) – Light to Light Walk

One of New South Wales best-kept secrets is the amazing Light to Light Walk situated on the Sapphire Coast near Eden in New South Wales. This scenic guided Pack Free 30km walk winds its way from the historic Lighthouse at Boyds Tower to the charming 1883 Lighthouse at Green Cape. This dramatic landscape is a kaleidoscope of contrasts from the striking 320 million years old red rocky outcrops to coastal forests. Far from clinging to the coast, the walk meanders across the invisible boundaries that separate one set of plant habitats from another. As if stepping through a door, heathland gives away to tall open forests. Thick groves of tea tree or paperbark trees emerge into open coastal banksia woodlands or imposing forests of Woolly Butt.

The South Coast of NSW suffered from significant bushfires in January 2020. Part of this walk has been affected and we have adjusted our walks to encompass some spectacular alternatives until they reopen.

  • This a fully supported walk, you only need to carry a light day pack.
Activity Level Duration Departure Date   Price
moderate 3 days OCT 20 APR 21   POA