A Journey of Discovery in Macedonia & Albania

Discover a unique part of Europe that has not yet seen mass tourism, is steeped in history, authentic culture and is filled with mountains, forests, green valleys and crystal clear lakes. Lake Ohrid being one of the oldest and deepest lakes in the world.

Macedonia is an ancient and biblical country, with a long and turbulent history. Great empires like Ancient Macedonian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, have left indelible traces both in terms of the spiritual and material culture of the Macedonians. These rich and diverse layers of history have determined the Macedonian cultural heritage as multi-cultural, multi-ethnical and multi-religious.

The mountains of Macedonia cover large areas of untouched wilderness and rich biodiversity. They are home to the Big Five European mammals: the Bear, Wolf, Wild Boar, Deer and Lynx.

Albania is littered with ancient sites (UNESCO world heritage) that few outsiders have visited. Walk in Lord Byron’s footsteps through the stunning landscapes of Southern Albania – ancient stone towns, traditional villages, dramatic gorges and remote monasteries.

Activity Level Duration Departure Date Price
moderate 12 days 26th August 2018 AUD $3,595