Japan Explorer

Explore the vibrant cities, natural wonders and rich cultures that define Japan. Travel from bustling Osaka to the modern streets of Tokyo, stopping along the way for a dose of Buddhist insight in Koyasan. Then trek along Japan’s Kumano Kodo (Pilgrim’s trail) while staying in traditional Japanese style Ryokan accommodation.


  • Osaka soul food tour, authentic regional food
  • Immerse yourself in Japan and live as a local
  • Travel to the Kinkaku-ji Temple (completely covered in handmade gold leaf)
  • Maiko makeover (dress as a Geisha)
  • Walk along the Kumano Kodo
  • Enjoy soaking in a tradional Onsen

NOTE: This tour begins in OSAKA and ends in TOKYO

Activity Level Duration Departure Date Price
easy/moderate 14 days 2020 AUD$9,060