Desert Landscape

June was an exciting month with our Women’s Own Desert Trek in the Larapinta. The sky is just so blue and the landscape is just so orange!

The early hours of the morning saw a group of 11 women set off for the start of our outback adventure. Dressed for warmth against the coolness of daybreak, we boarded the 4WD vehicle and drove 5km past Telegraph Station.
The days of walking that followed saw us meander through spectacular gorges, camp alongside dry creek beds while gazing at the stars, walk through beautiful red earth country, rise to ridges with panoramic views as well as ascend Mt Sonder in the dark to reach the summit for a spectacular sunrise.

The group enjoyed delicious campfire meals every evening and were also treated to some amazing scones baked in a camp oven. Yum! The company of women was outstanding and the chatter around the campfire as well as while walking made the trip very special for everyone.

– signing off, Marika Martinez –