Nepal Needs Your Help to Rebuild

NEPAL needs your help to rebuild Nepal by visiting Nepal.

NEPAL IS STILL SAFE FOR TOURISTS, Ground Realities of April 25 Earthquake in Nepal

  1. Out of 75 districts of Nepal, only 8 are affected.
  2. Out of 10 National Parks, only 1 is affected.
  3. All the highways and sub-ways are in operation with zero damage
  4. Out of 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, only 2 have around 40% damages
  5. 90% hotels in Kathmandu Valley are safe and in operational conditions. 100% Hotels in popular destinations like Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Bardiya, Ilam, Annapurna Region, Everest Region etc. are safe and in full operation.
  6. Out of 35 popular trekking routes, only 2 are affected
  7. All the International and National airports are in operation with zero damage
  8. Communication (nets, phone calls, ATM’s, swipe machines) is working well.
  9. Hospitals and Clinics are safe and in operation. No viral diseases or influenza is seen.

Nepalese, globally known as the most hospitable people, are ready to welcome the Guests.

As, culturally, “Guests are God” In Nepal.

Experience the smiles even in sorrow.

The People of Nepal

The Sherpas are a tribe of Tibetan origin who occupy the high valleys around the base of Mount Everest in northeastern Nepal. In the Tibetan language, Shar Pa means “people who live in the east,” and over time this descriptive term has come to identify the Sherpa community. According to Sherpa tradition, the tribe migrated to Nepal from the Kham region of eastern Tibet over a thousand years ago. They crossed the Himalayas and settled peacefully in their present homeland in northeastern Nepal.

But in modern times, Sherpa it has also come to mean any porter, climber or trek leader — jobs Sherpas have been doing for about 100 years.

Traditionally, Sherpas have grown potatoes and raised yak for dairy products, hides, wool and load carrying. Working at altitude (Khumbu villages are at about 13,000 feet) has long been part of their way of life, but apart from a few sacred mountains, the peaks towering over them were not of much interest.

With the opening of Nepal in the 1950s, the number of Sherpas working in mountaineering increased, and the arrival in the 1970s of large-scale trekking made climbing and trekking pillars of their economy. From the first British Everest expedition in 1921, Sherpa strength, honesty and dedication have made them ideal companions on the mountain. Every Everest expedition since then has relied on Sherpa support.


The people of Nepal are friendly and open-minded. With crystal-clear lakes, towering peaks, mountain-bound monasteries, and adorable tea houses, an adventurous vacation in Nepal will surely inspire you. Enjoy a soft adventure in Nepal with Women’s Own Adventure in the company of like-minded people guided by experienced guides. There are many life-changing moments awaiting you in Nepal; embark on an inspiring view of stunning vistas, gape at fat yaks, and enjoy an adventurous trek to Mount Everest Base Camp.

Traditional Dress in Nepal

Before embarking on a women’s trek in Nepal, it is worthwhile to learn a little about traditional Sherpa women’s clothing. Women traditionally wear long-sleeved floor-length dresses of thick wool called tongkok. A sleeveless variation called engi is worn over a raatuk (blouse) in warmer weather. These are worn with colourful striped aprons; metil aprons are worn in front, and gewe in back, and are held together by an embossed silver buckle called kyetig.

Sherpa clothing resembles Tibetan clothing. Increasingly, home-spun wool and silk is being replaced by factory-made material. Many Sherpa people also now wear ready-made western clothing.

A Scenic Adventurous Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp

Mt Everest, earth’s highest pinnacle is known as “Chomolungma” in Sherpa and Tibetan languages, meaning “Mother Goddess”. To climb Mt Everest is a dream for the many daring climbers. We won’t be climbing the mountain on this trip but you will experience all that is involved in the lead-up to a climb.

Enjoy an adventurous trek through picturesque and charming villages to Mount Everest Base Camp with Women’s Own Adventure.

This is regarded as a moderate plus graded trek which allows you a once in a life time experience to visit not only Everest Base Camp but to also climb Kalapattar for awe inspiring views of Mt Everest. A good level of fitness is required as the walking is strenuous at times in high altitude. The views of the mountains on this trek are arguably one of the best in Nepal. Starting at Lukla you will follow along the Dudh Koshi Valley up to Namche Bazaar. The trek passes below snowy peaks and through friendly Sherpa villages. Here you are surrounded by snowy peaks all times: Chomolungma 8848m, Lhotse 8511m, Nuptse 7879m, Makalu 8481, Amadablam 6856m, Thamserku, Taboche, Cholatse, and many more. You will be immersed in the stark beauty of these towering mountains that will take your breath away.







On Elephant back in the Chitwan Jungle

P1010379After spending two relaxing nights in Pokhara, with time to catch up on some laundry and shopping, we began our journey to Chitwan, in the south of Nepal. The last part of our journey was by 4 wheel drive through small, rough tracks and crossing rivers.

Arriving at the eco friendly Jungle Lodge in time for lunch, we are struck by the peace of the jungle and the array of bird calls. Our home for the next 2 nights is comfortable with hot showers.P1010402

Our first afternoon was spent on elephant back and we were treated to a remarkable sight of a mother and baby one horned rhinoceros in the wild.

P1010375The jungle experience was great with jungle walks and elephant washing in the river.

Our time in Nepal is coming to an end with one more day to be spent in Kathmandu where we visit Hindu and Buddhist Temples and manage some last minute souvenir shopping.

– signing off, Marika Martinez – Women’s Own Adventure


Trek in the beautiful Annapurna region of Nepal

We left Pokhara for the one and half hour bus trip to the start of our trek. With small day packs, walking poles and sturdy boots our group of 8 women joyfully began a 5 day trek through hills and villages, starting from Birethanit.

P1010206 Walking straight uphill for the first two and a half days, through the many small villages, along roughly formed stone steps and dirt tracks, we were greeted along the way by many faces with the local greeting of “Namaste”. Our group was also accompanied by 3 young and very strong porters who carried all our gear, our leader guide and 2 helper guides, as well as our wonderful cook. Our cook created delicious and healthy meals each day, even delighting us with his famous apple pie, which was cooked on an open fire place.

P1010246In the evenings we stayed in lovely, clean Teahouses. These are run by local families and provide twin share rooms for weary bodies seeking a good nights sleep, before rising early for another day of trekking. The scenery along the way was beautiful and dramatic with an ever changing landscape. We walked through dense forests past waterfalls, traversed along the side of hills and took in amazing views of snow capped mountains.

We also enjoyed High Tea and High Yoga as you can see in the photos.

P1010313 P1010335

On Day 3, our group of women adventure seekers, rose in the darkness at 4:30am to climb Poon Hill. This peak sits at 3,210 metres and offers a stunning sunrise view of the surrounding mountains, including Annapurna South and Fish Tail. I love the mountains!

Just as rain clouds started gathering, we stopped for a late lunch at a small family run Teahouse within a deep valley.

The rain began and very quickly developed iP1010266nto hail. The roofs and ground became enveloped in white. The decision was made to stay and hope the weather clears by morning, as the steep descent from the mountains is not wise to negotiate in wet conditions. The afternoon was spent playing cards with our porters, joking and eating.

P1010276 The following morning did dawn clear and spoiled us with beautiful snow capped mountain views for most of the day.

Our descent on the final day was a little hard on the legs, but we all managed with smiling faces and a great sense of achievement.

– signing off, Marika Martinez – Women’s Own Adventure

Stupa of Pokhara

Our group of Women’s Own Adventure in Nepal had to make a slight change of plan today. There were demonstrations outside the town which prevented us from reaching the start of our trek. So we had the pleasure of an afternoon spent in Pokhara.


P1010187 P1010189

This beautiful town is a contrast to Kathmandu. At a much slower and peaceful pace, it is surrounded by mountains. Our journey to Pokhara was via a half hour flight on a small aircraft which afforded magnificent views of the snow capped mountains.

This afternoon we crossed the lake by boat to walk up a steep track to the Budhist Stupa which overlooks the town. It sits at 1,100 metres above the lake. We enjoyed a picnic lunch on the way and marveled at the view. There were a handful of colourful paragliders on the opposite peak enjoying plenty of thermal lift. Nepal and its people are bright and colourful, with splashes of colour everywhere.


Tomorrow we leave for our trek with our wonderful guide Ang. So you can read all about it in on our return to Pokhara in 6 days time.

– signing off, Marika Martinez – Women’s Own Adventure

Shangri-La Nepal

After travelling for what seems like such a long time, our group of 8 women adventurers have arrived in Kathmandu. Upon landing at the airport we are struck by the local smells and sounds of a bustling and chaotic city. Kathmandu has a population of two and a half million people. The narrow roads are home to all manner of vehicles armed with very loud and incessant horns.

Today we explored the market area of Thamel and some, shyly tested their bargaining abilities in purchasing well priced Pashminas and other assorted items.

Tomorrow, early in the morning we fly to Pokhara an begin our trek in the beautiful Anapurna region. As internet access will be limited on our 6 day trek through the villages, the next update will be quite some days away.

– signing off, Marika Martinez – Women’s Own Adventure

Departing for Nepal on 4th April

A group travelling with Women’s Own Adventure are ready to embark on a 6 day trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal. These adventurous women will enjoy trekking around spectacular mountain scenery through charming villages.

April in Nepal and especially around the Annapurna region is the season of the brilliant rhododendron flowers.

Our adventures will then take us to the Chitwan National Park where we will search for the white horned rhino on elephant back through the jungle.

We will keep you up to date over the next 2 weeks with photos and stories of our journey as much as access to the internet allows.
– signing off, Marika Martinez – Women’s Own Adventure

Trekking and Wildlife Adventure in Nepal

Adventure travel company for women only;
Women’s Own Adventure embarks on a trekking and wildlife adventure in Nepal.

Nepal’s acronym of Never Ending Peace And Love, does well to characterize this nation of good natured and accommodating people; a land of majestic Himalayan scenery comprising eight of the world’s ten highest mountains, including Mt Everest: the uppermost place on earth at 29,029ft (8,848m).

Nepal is well endowed with glorious scenery – verdant terraced valleys, rushing rivers and ice-blue lakes that originate in the Himalayas. The uplifting sight of soaring mountains is a magnet for mountaineers and trekkers, offering some of the greatest challenges and most scenic walking opportunities on earth.

The Annapurna Sanctuary is the most intensely scenic short trek in Nepal. The trek starts from Pokhara, a natural jewel in the heart of the Annapurnas and winds through lush, subtropical forests and traditional farming villages. Every ridge boasts a Himalayan panorama while Annapurna South and Huinchuli soar above you. A trek up the narrow Modi Khola valley will bring you almost to the base of Machhapuchhre and into the Sanctuary where you can gaze in awe at the snow-covered peaks above and the beauty of the landscape around. Wherever you stand in the Sanctuary, the 360 degree views are unspeakably beautiful.

Director of Specialist Adventure Travel Company for women only, Women’s Own Adventure, Marika Martinez has tailored her Nepal trips to accommodate the female travelers seeking to incorporate cultural interaction and wildlife experiences with a sense of adventure. “This is why Women’s Own Adventure focuses on packaging the very essence of Nepal’s diverse scenery and culture into our adventure holiday,” she said.

Enjoy trekking in the spectacular mountain scenery through charming villages. April in Nepal and especially around the Annapurna region is the season of the brilliant rhododendron flowers. After the trek, indulge in a day of yoga and meditation in beautiful Pokhara.

Nepal’s Royal Chitwan National Park is among Asia’s most famous national parks, renowned for its dense concentration of wildlife. With images of rhinos emerging from the mists, and elephant safaris cutting across waves of tall grasses an early morning game viewing on elephant back provides the best opportunity of seeing the many animals that reside in Chitwan National Park. You will search for the white horned rhino, tigers, leopards, bears and dear. In the afternoon you can enjoy a river trip in local dug-out canoes while searching for crocodiles and the many bird species along the riverbanks.

Women’s Own Adventure is an Australian company, which specializes in adventure travel for women only.

In the company of other like-minded women there is a sense of freedom to be just ourselves, to laugh, sing, relax and chat. Women want to experience the journey and the friendships along the way, not just to conquer the mountain.

In recent years women have taken on travel experiences in a big way. More women are leaving the men at home. More than 50 percent of adventure travellers are women and most fall between ages 41 and 60, according to a 2006 survey by ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association).

Women’s Own Trekking and Wildlife Adventure in Nepal
– signing off, Marika Martinez – Women’s Own Adventure

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