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Your Dream Home

You may have noticed that there is a section in the games for your phone dedicated to designing a dream home. Some apps let you fix up grandma’s house, while others allow you to pretend that you are an interior designer or architect. All of these apps cater to our desire for spaces that speak to […]

How to Care for Metal in Your Home

If you don’t have hundreds, you probably have tens of metal objects in your home. Metal is everywhere, from furniture legs to taps and draining boards. It can look sleek and beautiful as long as you take care of it. Metal is a strong material. However, it can be damaged by poor cleaning and management. […]

How to Design Your Own Home

Although it is convenient to have someone else design and decorate the interior of your home, hiring a professional designer can also be costly. You can do it yourself even if you don’t have the budget to hire a professional designer. Many people prefer to hunt down unique furniture pieces for themselves. No matter why […]

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