Bulgaria to Greece, Discover the Unknown Europe

This exceptional and unique journey will see you hiking in the wild areas of Rila and Central Balkans National Parks and exploring the amazingly beautiful Sacred Seven Rila Glacial Lakes. Bulgaria’s mountains cover a third of the nation’s territory, a well-developed network of eco-trails allow visitors the opportunity to appreciate their remarkable beauty. On this varied and unique journey you will visit Monasteries and painted Churches, experience the local culture, village life and taste the Balkan’s culinary traditions and cuisine. This amazing journey will continue onto Meteora and Thessaloniki City in Greece, both of which are great historical places and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

This tour begins in Sofia (Bulgaria) and concludes in Thessalonika (Greece)

Activity Level Duration Departure Date Price
moderate 15 days 12th June 2018 AUD $3,695

“What I love most about your tours is hard to describe, but it’s being able to visit potters and rug makers and not be led into the “sales” rooms. It’s being guided by people passionate about their country, it’s having time to discover a foreign land and let it unfold. It’s laughing with the locals as we dressed up and danced in the street. ( Deshka guesthouse). The balance between long hikes and shorter walks was excellent, the diversity of culture and nature was great. I really feel like I have seen a good cross section of Bulgaria.” – Louise

“Bulgaria amazed me and I loved the tour. I loved meeting our fellow travellers & sharing laughs, tears, triumphs & songs ( even if we only knew a couple of lines..) ….my word ! We knew a LOT of choruses.” – Christine

“It was a terrific tour. Thanks to you, and a big thanks to our guide Annie. She’s worth her weight in gold, though she’s too skinny for all that work.” – Laila