Bulgaria to Turkey, Discover the Unknown Europe

This exceptional and unique journey will see you hiking in the wild areas of Rila and Central Balkans National Parks and exploring the amazingly beautiful Sacred Seven Rila Glacial Lakes. Bulgaria’s mountains cover a third of the nation’s territory, a well-developed network of eco-trails allow visitors the opportunity to appreciate their remarkable beauty. On this varied and unique journey you will visit Monasteries and painted Churches, experience the local culture, village life and taste the Balkan’s culinary traditions and cuisine. This amazing journey will then take you to Turkey and Istanbul, The City of Dreams. Here you will explore the history of this city which lived its “Golden Age” between 527 and 565. It was the most magnificent and the greatest city of its era.

This tour concludes in Istanbul.

Activity Level Duration Departure Date Price
moderate 15 days 13th June 2016 AUD $3,295

“It was a terrific tour. Thanks to you, and a big thanks to our guide Annie. She’s worth her weight in gold, tho she’s too skinny for all that work.” – Laila